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RIKEN BDR Symposium 2020
Date: 3/2/2020-3/4/2019
Location: Japan

Recent advances in computational methodologies and artificial intelligence have now enabled us to investigate entangled secrets of life that had long remained unsolvable, including one of the most fundamental properties - emergence. Emergence is the integrative property of an entity that does not appear in its components or in their simple summation. Biosystems consist of multiple biological scales, from molecular to whole body levels, and often exhibit unique properties that are only manifested at higher scales established by self-assembly or self-organization of components from lower scales. Well-known examples of emergent phenomena include tissue formation by multiple cells differentiated from a single stem-cell type and higher-order organ networking to integrate different tissues. Thus, emergence is a common key concept for addressing mechanisms of life, across different life science fields. This symposium will cover the latest research advances of emergent phenomena with a focus on computational and engineering approaches, including cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, to understand emergent properties in biology.

The second RIKEN BDR Symposium targets a wide range of relevant topics, including (i) Origin of life, (ii) Protein/RNA self-assembly, (iii) Intracellular organelle formation, (iv) Cell assembly and organ formation, and (v) Brain function and its underlying principle. We hope that this symposium will be a great opportunity for all participants to stimulate cross-disciplinary interactions and discussions that open new avenues of life science studies.

We encourage the submission of abstracts for the poster session from many scientists to increase opportunities for lively and informative exchange of views. A small number of poster abstracts will be selected for oral presentations. A limited number of travel fellowships for graduate students and post-docs traveling to Japan will also be available.
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RIKEN BDR International Symposium: Calling for participants and abstract submission!
Date: 4/23/2020-4/24/2020
Location: Japan

Developmental biology began as a discipline for understanding the processes through which a single fertilized egg divides to proliferate and differentiate to give rise to multicellular organisms. With the rise of molecular biology in the latter half of the twentieth century, developmental biology has revealed the fundamental developmental principles common to a wide range of animal species, including humans. It also led to the creation of the research fields of stem cell biology and in vitro organogenesis, both of which have had major impacts on medicine, paving a path toward pluripotent stem cell-derived therapies. Developmental biologists have elucidated a rough framework of the developmental processes of model organisms, and are now shedding light on the mechanisms of early human development, which has long been a black box. The field of developmental biology has now reached an important cross road.

The aim of this symposium is to identify an unexplored area that should be tackled by future developmental biologists. We will invite Dr. Masatoshi Takeichi as a keynote speaker, and along with invited lectures, there will be opportunities available for oral and poster presentations. We look forward to receiving your applications.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kobe and the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research.
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53rd JSDB meeting, cosponsored by the Asia Pacific Developmental Biology Network
Date: 5/19/2020-5/22/2020
Location: Japan

The meeting committee members aim to maximize opportunities for all participants to exchange scientific information and ideas. For this purpose, we would like to encourage oral presentation speakers to present their posters for further discussion. To make the 2020 meeting very informative, attractive and exciting, I would like to ask all the society members for active participation in the meeting.
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